A little meh....

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell - Tucker Max

I have to say I kind of knew what I was in for when I started reading this book. The author is quite honest about being an asshole and I have to say he delivers pretty well. The book itself isn't bad, in fact I'm sure there are lots of men who enjoy this book and find all of Tucker's stories hilarious. I on the other hand, being a woman was entertained by part of the book, but couldn't thoroughly enjoy reading it because I couldn't get past all of the misogynist behavior depicted in these stories.


I have to admit I did laugh at a lot of the stories, I have to say idiocy can be fun to read once you lower your expectations and expect the worse side of men to show itself.


Due to this, I wouldn't really recommend girls wasting their time reading this, if they have better literary options. If you are stuck and this book is all you have, by all means go ahead, it's better than nothing.


I do think men will enjoy this book though, you may get a lot of laughs but please don't use this guy or his friends as role models!