A New Favorite of Mine

By Jay Asher: Thirteen Reasons Why - -Razorbill-

A refreshing read. I really loved this book and can't get over how good it was, I can't believe I've owned it for so long and took forever to finally decide to pick it up.

I found the plot and narrative to be creative and interesting throughout the whole story, making the book really hard to put down. I feel the books I've read recently all come from a female perspective, therefore I found the male point of view really entertaining. The characters were great and you can see a lot of development as the chapters start to reach the end of the tale.

I must warn you that this book deals with topics that are still considered slightly taboo, therefore you have to be prepared to face dark emotions. On the other hand, I found the emotions felt by the characters to be very realistic and I think as a reader it's quite easy to connect with the darkness and vulnerability one feels during adolescence.

I don't want to say much more about this, due to the fact that I feel I may ruin the magic of the story if I talk about it too long.
Anyways I really recommend this to teenagers, young adults and adults...hopefully this might make you aware of the warning signs of suicide and help you reach out to someone in time.