Opening the memory box

This is slightly personal, but I kind of felt like posting it anyways because it was a pretty interesting find for me. 

When I was 13 I used to be depressed and I used to write a lot of angst filled and emotional poetry... I still write poetry, but I guess since I'm much older it feels a lot less intense. 


Anyways I was looking through an old book and I found a notebook piece of paper with one of my old poems... It's not really fact I'm sure I could improve it a lot now a days, but I would never touch this because it's a frozen spot in time that takes me back. 

Anyways this is the had no title:


I'm sad when I'm happy, 

I'm happy when I'm sad.

What is life when things are broken, 

What is life when things are bad?

What is pain when life is empty, 

When you suddenly lose it all?

I guess all there is to is....You must embrace the fall.


I think I need to post it because I guess I'm going through a lot of dark feelings right now and finding it feels a bit like my 13 year old self knew I would need to read this poem again someday.