A few words on a classic

Emma - Jane Austen

I think I had higher expectations for this classic, I guess all the hype about Emma made me think the book would capture me a whole lot more than it actually did. Nonetheless I must say I did enjoy the story and the complexity of the characters exploring the poles between romance and convenience.


Being completely honest, there were several moments while reading that I wanted to slap Emma for being so conceited and egocentric. I think maybe that was one of the reasons I couldn't really enjoy the book as much as I actually wanted to. Still, the writing is impeccable and delicious to read, the richness in the words and sentences formed by Austen never disappoints so it is good read.


While I was reading this story, I couldn't help but wonder if Emma might have actually been a lesbian throughout most of the book. Her friendship with Harriet was quite close and I sometimes thought Emma might have stronger feelings towards her friend, feelings that maybe Austen couldn't quite pinpoint during those times due to the fact that female homosexuality wasn't really acknowledged during her times. I may have over thought this a bit though and I guess I will never know if this hypothesis could be correct or way off base.


As with all classics, I highly recommend everyone give this book a shot in order to form your own opinions about it.