Personal Review on Beautiful Creatures (Complete series)

Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures Series #1) -

It feels like I took forever to read and finish these books, probably because they were very long and I never really felt as captured by them as I wish I had.
I think Kami Garcia is a great writer and her prose is probably the only reason I kept reading, because I kept on finding small little literary treasures I just had to highlight or write down in a notebook. The reason I mention her prose as motivator is because, personally, I didn't really like any of the main characters. I felt this story was a bit "Twilight-ish" for my taste and I just couldn't get into the love story between the characters, because I find all paranormal romances seem to follow the same story line (in a way I guess). It just always seems to be along the lines of: Mortal falls in love with a supernatural character, they try to stay away from each other because of the danger the relationship poses on the mortals life, they can't stay way, something tragic happens and they must endure many hardships, true love saves the day or one of the lovers dies and everyone cries. Obviously all of the stories have certain variations (which is why I don't think this should be considered a spoiler) so you never really know what is bound to happen until you finish the book series.
Anyways the reason I give this book 3 stars is because the characters are well thought of and written. There is some character development, which for me is always a positive, and there are unexpected conflicts, but I still didn't like the main characters. If I'm completely honest with myself, I think this could be because I felt like I identified with the "adult" characters more than with the teens, and I guess that's what comes with age. When you are older, the things some of these characters do, suddenly seem idiotic because as an adult you can already see where things can go wrong...I think that is why I can't blame the author for my dislike of Ethan and Lena, because I know that if I'd read this at a younger age, I know I would have rooted for their love.
Anyways I think the reason I give this book a higher rating than Twilight is because the writing is wonderful in comparison, and I do think Ethan and Lena are more mentally stable than Bella and Edward (their relationship is less pathological), so I think they are better role models for young teenage girls.