I'm not really good at writing because English isn't my first language, but I wrote something and I have a nagging desire to just post it somewhere...

Sure, you have seen me cry,

You've seen me cry because I like to live in the moment,

Because I am passionate and because I am childish,

And YES I like drama, especially if I get to be the fucking star of it

Not because I love the lime light, it’s because I love the intensity of feeling something,

When you've experienced feeling numb all you crave for is finding that…

Once you do, you strive to never let emotions go…to live in the drama of life



But I just want you to know that even though you have seen me cry,

None of those tears belong to you,

The ones that do are the ones I keep in a treasure box I only open when I am alone,

You are the equivalent of pain in my book,

But I never want you to have the satisfaction of knowing how much of me you broke.