The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials Series #1)

The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials Series #1) - This is the first book of my favorite set of books in this entire world. I don't think there is any book that can top the feelings I have towards this book. Even though it is a children's book I think deep down it was meant for an older reader. The book is filled with philosophical (mostly platonic)theory which makes it quite an interesting read. The protagonist of the book is called Lyra and I think she is a great role model for children (she is a strong, brave and independent child). I have to say there is lot of religious criticism in this book though, so I you are impressionable or don't like books that challenge your beliefs and tolerance then maybe this isn't the book for you (it´s just a warning... I mean reading should always be fun). Other than that I really recommend it, it's an interesting and unique story that really worth the read!