Battle Royale Volume 1: v. 1

Battle Royale, Vol. 1 - Koushun Takami, Keith Giffen, Tomo Iwo, Masayuki Taguchi I read the whole Battle Royale Manga/Comic last summer years after I finished reading the book and I feel in love with the story a whole lot more. I think the whole series despite the different volumes deserves 5 stars because it is absolutely amazing. The art is astounding to see and the characters and so beautifully depicted it's really easy to fall in love with the good ones. I feel the manga is better than the book because the characters feel more real and relatable because you can actually see them! It's an amazing experience reading this whole manga and it's easy to become addicted! I really recommend it to Battle Royale fans who haven't read the comic and those who have watched the movie but don't feel like reading the book.