Art of Loving (Fiftieth Anniversary Edition)

The Art of Loving - Erich Fromm I read this book for a philosophy class when I was in high school and I liked the subject but can't say I enjoyed the reading experience. Probably because philosophical psychology wasn't one of my interests at that time and because I hate it when you are forced to read a book you don't want or have time to read well. I have to say I only read it once for now, but I have a vague memory about it and I'm sure I'll read it again some day when I have the time and finish the other books which interest me at the moment. If that day ever comes I'll write a better review about it. Other than that I think the book is really interesting and Fromm has a lot to say about the subject of love and relationships (whether they are romantic or between family members). The best this about this book is that Fromm is able to condense all human communication and relationships in a couple of pages with a lot of insight. I think it's worth the read and I'm glad I've read it even though I wasn't too happy about it once upon a time.