The Friend Request

The Friend Request - Alex Ford This is definitely not the most engaging book I've read but I can't say it's a bad book. The story started really slow and that was a bit boring but once the author presented all of his characters the plot started to move forward quite smoothly. I was actually quite satisfied with the book until I reached the last few chapters of the book which was when things started to get a bit confusing and messy. I felt the author was in a big hurry to finish the story and he was also trying to tie in the knots picture perfect, which to me in the case of the type of thrillers I like is kind of a turn off. Anyways this book was really entertaining to read and it was also very short. It got me thinking about the lack of protection one has in these social network sites and how vulnerable one actually is. If you have a kindle and are into semi thriller books you might want to try it out because it's one of the free books that you can purchase in amazon which is great if you want to read something fast but don't want to spend money on another book.