In Camelot's Shadow (Paths to Camelot Series #1)

In Camelot's Shadow (Reader's Choice) - Sarah Zettel The day that I bought this book I honestly didn't walk into the bookstore looking for it by name and title. In my country it's somewhat hard to come across cheap books in English, and since I was in another countries bookstore I was making the best of it. I think I was already buying three other books and I had a little bit of spare cash to buy a cheap forth one. I guess this book's title and spine called out to me when I was looking around the bookstore and once I read the plot I was pretty intrigued....usually anything that has Medieval folklore/myth mixed with witchcraft tends to catch my eye, and I'm really glad I bought it because the book turned out to be quite good. It's the type of book that has a little bit of everything: fantasy, romance, was even a little scary at times. I really recommend it, or think people who come across it should give it a chance.