Something Blue

Something Blue - Emily Giffin This book is the sequel to Something Borrowed and for some reason I enjoyed this story a whole lot more. I think the plot moves along a lot quicker and smoother than the first book and I love the way the Darcy's character develops and grows during the story. I really disliked Darcy throughout more than half the book. She was a very narcissistic and egocentric character with unrealistic expectations for her life....sometimes I really wanted to wring her neck but as her character starts taking a more realistic perspective of life she became more likeable and she started to grow on me. The love story in this book is also a lot more profound and interesting to read even though it was very predictable. What I mean is that even if you knew who Darcy would fall for it was really hard to pinpoint the way it would occur...which is probably the reason I just couldn't stop reading. I really enjoyed this book and I recommend it to all chick lit fans!