The Shakespeare Curse

The Shakespeare Curse - Jennifer Lee Carrell If you are into horror/thriller types of books and have an interest in Shakespeare then this is a great book for you. The story is centered around the play Macbeth, probably one of Shakespeare's most controversial, and the secret behind the witchcraft that is displayed in the play. Kate, the main character, finds herself in the middle of a dark plot and a mystery she has to solve in order to save herself and others. I just finished reading the book and I have to say the book is pretty good! I bought it when I was in desperate need to read something at a train station and it took me a long time to finish reading it because at the beginning I was traveling and would be too tired to read and then once I was home I had too much stuff to study since I had missed a week of class. I'm glad I found and bought this book, it's not a common book, and seeing the lack of reviews I can see that not a lot of people have read it yet but it's really worth a read if your into contemporary-historical fiction, magic and curses!