Flipped - I read this book after watching the movie and just because I didn't actually know it was a book to begin with. So in a few ways I already knew what I was in for, I really loved the movie and I have to say I love the book even more. I just love the characters, the changes in point of view every chapter... I don't know, I think I felt like a teen again while I was reading it. There aren't that many books new books I've read that take me back in time and make me feel something I used to feel when I was younger; usually that feeling only comes when I re-read the books I loved when I was that age. This book seemed to take me emotionally back and I enjoyed every second of it. I never want to go back to being a teen, It's a beautiful time in life but all the emotional turmoil I felt during that period makes me sure that if I had a chance to go back to being a teen I wouldn't.