Bookended By Beauty Queens

Bookended By Beauty Queens - Victoria Marshal I didn't really know what to expect when I started reading this book. I only read part of the summary on amazon and decided that the short strip I read gave me more than enough motivation to buy the book and read it. I was surprised with the results. I honestly think this book is very unique in terms of characters and plot. The book starts off like an anti chick lit chick lit story. What I mean by this is that it’s the personal story of a woman with many comedic elements and extremes. It gives you the feel of reading a funny chick lit book but the main character is so different from the usual main characters of the genre that it doesn’t really fit in to that theme. The conversations between the characters had me roaring with laughter, it’s been a while since I’ve really laughed this much with a book. After getting to know Angie a bit, the story introduces us to Val, a friendly drag queen Angie meets in the subway who tries to chat with her. This interaction between them is hilarious since Angie isn’t really the friendliest person on the block so the thoughts that go through her head during that moment should have you laughing out loud. Then we meet Anne, Angie’s grandmother who is probably one of the best characters in the book besides Val. Anne’s apartment has burned down and she needs a place to stay and the only person who is “willing” to take her in is Angie, because her sisters force it upon her. Angie is sort of expecting the worst from this arrangement but when Anne and Val meet they have so much friendly chemistry that she sort of brings Val into Angie’s life. Angie is headstrong about avoiding a friendship with Val, but Val’s amazing diva personality wins her over.The dynamic between these three women is so well written and funny that it wins you over in a heartbeat. Honestly I really think this is could be quality comedy TV series sort of material. Obviously not everything can be laughter and joy, life throws you curveballs sometimes that are very difficult to face. One night after a party, Val and Anne get attacked by a drag queen hating group and Val ends up in a comatose state. This is where the real story starts, Val’s religious family decides to take Val off of life support and Angie decides to battle them straight on in court. The rest of the story takes us through the process of the trial and what Angie must go through for fighting for Val’s life and facing the prejudice and hate of many in order to do so.Like I said, there are many shades to this book. Victoria Marshall is a master at mustering different emotions and bringing them out in different parts of the book. This story will take you through these emotions and will leave you amazed with all of the special twists in the story. You want to read a story about friendship? You want to read something with a little suspense? Maybe you are feeling more in the mood to read something light and funny? You want to read something that will make you think? Well whatever it is you want to read this book is really the whole package and it’s a fast read too. I really recommend it to anyone, because I do believe it has a little something for everyone…except if you are a homophobe or hate drag queens….then you probably don’t want to read this haha.