Lolita (Penguin Modern Classics)

Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov, Craig Raine I'm the kind of person who believes that there are certain books everyone should read due to their popularity in modern culture and because I consider them to be classics. I'm also the type of person who doesn't desist reading a book easily and if I do, it's only until I have the time and motivation to read it. This was a slow read for me, particularly because I struggled to finish it because I couldn't stand the main character. I really hated this book, but I think it deserved three stars because it was so well written. Humbert, the main character and narrator of the novel, is the most despicable sort of man I could ever fathom in my imagination. He's a perverse narcissist and Nabokov did a great job in writing his character because the main reason I hated reading this book was because I couldn't stand him. I was disgusted by his way of thinking and by the way he spoke to his readers was horribly annoying...but at the same time there is also a pathetic vulnerability in him that becomes more apparent in the end making the novel a bit more bearable.Personally I think this book is more for adult readers than teenagers due to the plot and the quality of the characters. I think maybe mature teenagers could probably read and enjoy this book, but I genuinely think this may be more of an adult read. I also think it's worth a read even though I disliked it. It's really well written and someone else might enjoy it more or has bit more tolerance for characters like this. I have to admit that Russian literature is very dense, but at the same time very enriching and interesting so if you want to read this book you definitely should.