Her Sweetest Downfall (Forever Girl, #1.5)

Her Sweetest Downfall (Forever Girl, #1.5) - Rebecca  Hamilton I think I enjoyed this book even more than the last. I feel Rebecca Hamilton's writing has matured quite a bit since the first Forever Girl book and I can't wait for what she's planning to bring to the next book. The kindle version has a couple of spelling mistakes that sort of bothered me while reading but the story was really good. Obviously this is just a little treat for us readers and fans before the second Forever Girl book comes out but I found the Ophelia's story quite profound and interesting. The book also gives us more background on some of the other main characters/villains of the books and how they came to be so I really enjoyed seeing the connection between the different story lines. If you've read the first book of the series then I definitely recommend this one because it has a lot to offer to what's to come next and what has come to pass before Sophia finds her calling.