The Sin Collector: Thomas (The Sin Collector)

The Sin Collector: Thomas (The Sin Collector) - Jessica Fortunato I really like what Jessica Fortunato did with Thomas. The story line was very interesting and I always like to know more about certain characters that appear in books, I really believe that it helps you enter the world created by the author in a more realistic manner. I think that what I loved most about the book was being able to understand what the protection ritual was all about. In The Sin Collector we only hear about it since Lily is unconscious throughout the whole process, but in this book we get to see what it's all about and what must be done. I'm very curious on what is to come, there are many things that were left unanswered in the first book and by reading Thomas I became even more interested and curious since, even though it isn't left clear, I feel Annabel's part is very important for the future of the series. I have to admit there are certain things that could be improved upon. There were parts of the book that were slightly confusing to me because I wasn't sure about the timeline. The book explores the three different periods of his life, but they are really mixed and I sometimes found myself a bit lost at the beginning of a chapter until about the second paragraph or even a bit further. I think Jessica Fortunato could easily improve on that in the other books of the series just to keep things a bit more clear. Still, despite that small critique I really enjoyed the story and the writing! I really like her style and I can't wait for more!