The Locket Thief

The Locket Thief - Daniel Patrick As a preface I'd like to inform you that I was given this book for an honest review from the author. I honestly think this book deserves 4.5 stars because I was seriously debating whether I should give it five or four. In the end I settled for four stars because even though I think the book is superbly written, there is still room for improvement. The writing is rich and the prose entertaining but there were certain moments when I longed for things to slow down a bit in order to get a better feel of the story and characters (Mind you that they are very easy to fall in love with). The quality of the author's descriptions is wonderful and you can get a clear picture of the incredible surroundings and characters in the book, which I personally think is great because I've read a few self-published authors that don't manage to create the same effect in their writing. The story itself is very entertaining and if you are looking for an adventure I really recommend that you give this book a read if you like young adult or teen fiction. I do think I may have been a little too old for this book in a way, but as a lover of young adult fiction this book was interesting and unique. I haven't really read a lot of steampunk fiction but this certainly opened my eyes to the genre and I will definitely explore it a bit more. The concept of sky pirates really captivated me and I sincerely think anyone can have fun with this story. I really love it when an author can create a strong female character that young girls can look up to and I like to believe that Lara DeLarose is an exceptional girl who is brave enough to face her fears to fight for what she believes in. I'd like to think that many young girls/women who read this will identify with Lara or will look up to her and try to imitate her ways and take risks in life. When Daniel Patrick requested that I read and review he said that this book had the spirit of Pullman's book The Golden Compass and I'm happy to confirm that it does, so if you liked The Golden Compass or the whole trilogy then I think you should definitely give this book a try! I really enjoyed this experience and I certainly look forward to Daniel's books in the future!