Steampunk fun! Really captivating and exciting to read!

The Desert Thief  - Daniel Patrick

This book was a really fun read! I feel like Daniel Patrick has grown and improved his story telling skills a lot, there is noticeable progress when you compare this sequel to the first book. The idea of the first book was great, but I feel this story line captivated my interest a whole lot more.

It's a very action based book in which we get to see Lara's character develop and we get to meet two new amazing characters, Dodsley and Eva (who captivated my heart). The plot moved along smoother and faster, which kept me hooked. When I read the first book I felt like I was too old for the story, this time I don't seem to mind and if the next book follows the path this one has made, I will definitely be checking it out.

I still believe this book series would make an incredible movie due to the amount of action we get to see, the incredible wardrobe choices a steam-punk world can bring, the characters and the adventure the story presents.

I really recommend this series!