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Hard to start, but a thrill once you're into it!

Uglies - Scott Westerfeld

It took me a while to get into this book. I had just finished The Giver and Uglies felt so superficial I wanted to hit myself of the head with a pan. Nonetheless I'm never one to get completely discouraged and the trilogy fell straight into the type of books I'm into, so I decided to keep reading. 


Once I finally felt empathy and interest in regards to the main character I finally started to let myself be taken into the story. I like how the author made a credible change in mentality occur in Tally. It started slow but it made things so much more realistic in the end. 


The ending itself was pretty much a cliffhanger... going to start the next one right away and I hope it's just as good!

It's been a while since I've felt a book reach my core like this one!

— feeling excited
The Giver - Lois Lowry, Ron Rifkin

This book was amazing, I honestly don't know why it took me so long to finally pick it up. The plot felt very original, the main characters had depth and the theme, though very philosophical, was easy to grasp.


The simplicity of what it is to be human, to experience life at it's fullest and suddenly imagine a world like this one is incredible. It's very easy to empathize with Jonas, the internal turmoil that comes with adolescence and the existential crisis that begins to emerge as he learns more of how the world used to be is incredible.


I found myself having to pause and wonder many times, this book gave me so many emotions that the experience reading it was very pleasurable. I highly recommend this book because I feel it's a classic that needs to be shared, we can learn so much about our own nature with a story like this one. I feel the lack of connection is far more apparent these days, we have so many applications to communicate with each other but we don't necessarily know how to connect, we are losing ourselves. I don't we could reach a reality like this one, but at the same time I feel we have been losing a lot by becoming desensitized to our medium...this book might crash you back to reality.

Psychological-Paranormal thrillers can be so great! So happy I read this

— feeling big smile
The Dead House - Dawn Kurtagich

I honestly love books like this one. The story felt really original, it was very easy to doubt whether the protagonist was sick and delusional or if the paranormal occurrences were real which kept me guessing for a long time while reading the book. I had an easy time imagining what was happening and the pace of the book, although at times confusing due to the confusión in the mind of Carly/Kaitlyn, was optimal.

I want another story like this! Great read, even though I never felt really scared while reading.

"I thought you were my downfall, but I hadn't realized I was a burned me to ash and I thought all was lost. - I was wrong. That same fire you set ablaze will help me rise again...

I look forward to the day I can look back and think of you as a boy I once kissed, an almost lover who in the face of true love means nothing more than a pebble I stepped on along the way"

- Personal midnight thoughts

No regrets

Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

What's not to love about this book! It's been a while since I've finished a book feeling as giddy as I do right now. Attachments,unlike a lot of romantic stories or typical "chick lit", has a lot of character growth and I feel it's very easy to identify with some of the characters' own insecurities throughout their journey. I love how Rainbow Rowell touches on the theme and the importance of developing self esteem and trying to take chances that promote living life in the now and being passionate about it.


As someone who has recently finished college and has just entered the work force I feel I can easily relate to Lincoln's own confusion about what to do with his life and I believe his doubts are natural for anyone. No one is born and set on a clear path, although some things seem like fate, we must always give ourselves a little push and stop being afraid to try and grow up.


I feel like the story itself is quite an original tale of romance, even though it also follows traditional stereotypes. I really recommend for people to read this, specially if you are feeling a little lost...sometimes vicarious motivation can be just the little push you need to move forward.

"“I love the feeling of your hands on me, gently grazing my back, my arms…pulling me closer.
The feeling of having no space between us and being completely enveloped by you.
Your eyes, your smell, your voice and your laugh. It hurts to think about the space between us…I think I finally understand what it means for ones heart to ache for another.”


— Midnight Thoughts by Me. 

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Steampunk fun! Really captivating and exciting to read!

The Desert Thief  - Daniel Patrick

This book was a really fun read! I feel like Daniel Patrick has grown and improved his story telling skills a lot, there is noticeable progress when you compare this sequel to the first book. The idea of the first book was great, but I feel this story line captivated my interest a whole lot more.

It's a very action based book in which we get to see Lara's character develop and we get to meet two new amazing characters, Dodsley and Eva (who captivated my heart). The plot moved along smoother and faster, which kept me hooked. When I read the first book I felt like I was too old for the story, this time I don't seem to mind and if the next book follows the path this one has made, I will definitely be checking it out.

I still believe this book series would make an incredible movie due to the amount of action we get to see, the incredible wardrobe choices a steam-punk world can bring, the characters and the adventure the story presents.

I really recommend this series!

"Looking at you gives me an inexplicable feeling. It’s like all the air in the room disappears for 1 second in which I’m left speechless and lost…it’s like suddenly forgetting to breath after being punched in the stomach. A delicious touch of panic followed by something similar to nausea…It’s like feeling empty and full at the same time."

- Me, Just something a little personal...feeling a bit inspired before midnight. 

Daniel Handler won my heart

Why We Broke Up - Daniel Handler, Maira Kalman

This book tells a story about teenage love and eventual heartbreak. It is so wonderfully written that it has the power to take you back in time to that one love who might have broken your heart one way or the other. Daniel Handler makes the emotion of falling in love blindly so easy to relate to, because I believe we have all been through it or will go through it someday.


His writing is exceptional, slightly humorous and analogically descriptive like nobody else could match. Really unique.

I definitely recommend this book.

A little meh....

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell - Tucker Max

I have to say I kind of knew what I was in for when I started reading this book. The author is quite honest about being an asshole and I have to say he delivers pretty well. The book itself isn't bad, in fact I'm sure there are lots of men who enjoy this book and find all of Tucker's stories hilarious. I on the other hand, being a woman was entertained by part of the book, but couldn't thoroughly enjoy reading it because I couldn't get past all of the misogynist behavior depicted in these stories.


I have to admit I did laugh at a lot of the stories, I have to say idiocy can be fun to read once you lower your expectations and expect the worse side of men to show itself.


Due to this, I wouldn't really recommend girls wasting their time reading this, if they have better literary options. If you are stuck and this book is all you have, by all means go ahead, it's better than nothing.


I do think men will enjoy this book though, you may get a lot of laughs but please don't use this guy or his friends as role models! 

Late night poem written thinking back about everything. The drawing is mine as well...had some writing so I tried to edit...kind of failed at it, didn't have time or the right tools to make it look good.

Far more than I expected!

The One - Kiera Cass
This book by far exceeded my expectations. Usually by the third book of a trilogy, I've learned to lower them because I get the feeling the author is feeling pressured and anxious to finish the series and therefore starts making mistakes. Kiera Cass delivered this final book with great precision and definitely fulfilled all my hopes and dreams for this series making her books about so much more than just romance and a love triangle.

The characters experienced great growth which made the story far more credible and appealing. I was left with the urge to know more about this particular world and what future hardships will be faced and I must say I had a hard time putting it down in order to get some work done. 

I can't wait to see what Kiera Cass will write about in her next book. Hope you all stayed on board till the last book, because it was definitely worth it!
Dreamtime Blues
Dreamtime Blues

This is a drawing-doodle I made today. The magic of instagram filters obviously gave it an awesome glow and I really like it. 


Usually when I draw I never really think of what I'm drawing till it comes out, I go by creative impulse and then try to find meaning. 


Anyways it's slightly melancholic right? I feel a bit lonely when I look at it and I can't help but wonder what unconscious part of myself is feeling this isolated and blue. 


Anyways I hope you guys like it... maybe if you like writing you could make a little back-story about it??? (I'd love to hear what you guys think, if you are feeling as inspired as I felt today with this)



On the Labyrinth of Suffering and Adolescence

Looking for Alaska - John Green

Honestly I don't know how to start talking about my feelings towards this book. To be honest this is the second John Green book I've read and I do plan to read others but I'm starting to see a pattern in his writing and the personalities his characters tend to have.


While I was reading this I couldn't help feeling I was reading something similar to Catcher in the Rye, the way the characters communicated and my lack of empathy towards any of them made me feel like I was reading about another Holden Caulfield (one of the most annoying characters in literature in my opinion). Even so I still enjoyed reading this book because it dealt with a lot the theme of death, belief and existence. I think most teenagers face a period of existential curiosity during adolescence and I have to say the word adolescence in itself points towards the same crisis. The word “teenager” is Spanish is “adolescente”, which comes from the word “adolecer” which means to be in pain, I personally think that is the best description of those years. I believe you never feel as much pain of existence during life as you do in your teens; trying to find purpose and way to deal with being inside the labyrinth we are born into is extremely difficult when you are also trying to find yourself. I think this book embodies this, and I think that’s what made it enjoyable to me.


The characters themselves are slightly annoying, at least the main characters in my opinion, but when I really think about it, it makes a lot of sense because the sense of immortality and lack of consequence during those years can make you a bit pretentious. When I look back in time, I must admit I dislike my teenage self because I felt like a know it all (the same way these characters felt) and now that I’m older I realize I know little of existence, of life and purpose… I guess we never really grow up, but experience can make us wiser and better at escaping this labyrinth of suffering because we learn how to cope.


I recommend this book to teens and adults because teens can use its teachings as coping mechanisms and adults can reflect on life itself by looking back in time.

"Los seres humanos no nacen para siempre el día en que sus madres los alumbran, sino que la vida los obliga a parirse a sí mismos una y otra vez."

- Gabriel Garcia Márquez